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The Golf Course and its paths are not for walkers, joggers and cyclists

Updated: Jun 23, 2020

Dear Residents

We would like to remind all residents the Golf Course is strictly for Golfers only and this is a potentially dangerous area for residents to exercise which is prohibited. The turf and features of Pun Hlaing Golf Course are contributing factors which cement the reputation as ‘the pride of Myanmar’ and to be voted the No.1 Golf Course in Myanmar so the manicuring and maintenance to achieve this is essential. Also, Golfers cannot always see pedestrians when playing and errant shots can often occur which is what makes the Golf Course an unsafe area for non-Golfing exercise.

Kindly note thousands of people are seriously injured each year by flying Golf balls and those injuries include concussions, hematomas, loss of sight and broken bones. In addition, this is for your protection to avoid potential encounters with harmful animals and reptiles.

For the safety of all residents, if you are not playing Golf, please do not walk, jog, cycle or exercise in any other form within the boundaries of the Golf Course. Please continue to enjoy the safety of the Estate roads and pathways.

Thank you in advance for your kind understanding and cooperation.

Safe Regards

Stephen Chick

Golf Director

Pun Hlaing Golf Club

Jonathan Hegarty

General Manager

Pun Hlaing Estate

The Golf Course and its paths are not for walkers, joggers and cyclists, Best golf course in Myanmar.

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