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Oasis Spa & Salon will resume operation on Friday 1 May 2020

Dear Customers,

This letter is to inform you that OASIS SPA & SALON will close due to COVID-19 (coronavirus) from Saturday 27th Mar 2020 to Thursday 30th Apr 2020. We ask for your understanding during this period.

This is at the request of the Myanmar Government to reduce the spread of the virus. We are sorry for the inconvenience.

Please note: for memberships (golf and country club) we will take into account this closure for your fees and future membership payments to offset for the amount of time they are closed.

WHO advise on the link below for good practices and how to do in case of infection or to prevent infection:

Should you require any assistance we have our contact line at 1461 (from landlines within the Estate) or 09955400911.

Should you require any medical information contact Pun Hlaing Siloam Hospital hotline at 013684323.

I must stress that the there is no need to panic – our preparations is intended to allow us to respond promptly, in a transparent manner, in the event of further escalation in the situation.

Kind Regards,

Jonathan Hegarty

General Manager

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