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Community Notification Reminder: COVID-19 Residents Entry & Exit, Proof of Residency

Dear Residents,

We would like to provide you with the latest updates further to our 7 April 2020 communication on COVID-19:

As a result of escalating infections, we are NOT allowing any non-resident into the estate, to avoid importation of the virus into the Estate. Our residents and staff members health and estate continue to be our utmost priority.

The implication and movement guidelines;

Entry/Exit to the Estate:

  1. Our security team will only grant re-entry/entry with a valid Access Pass;

  2. If you or your staff (helper, gardener, driver and any other staff working in your house) have not been living in Pun Hlaing Estate since 10 April 2020 or if they left to live outside since that time, they will not be allowed to enter the estate even if they were registered previously.

  3. This measure is limited to COVID-19 Response - Level 2 Actions, tentatively in effect till 4 May 2020.

We have all been living in isolation within the estate boundaries, protecting our community from the potential spread of COVID-19. If you bring anyone in to the estate who has not been living here during this time, you risk putting the whole community in harm’s way. I urge you all to remind any staff living outside to remain outside and please be aware security is going to be stopping anyone trying to come into the estate whether by their own transport or with residents trying to bring them in. They will be turned away.

I trust you are all aware of the potential risks of spreading COVID-19 and its up to us as a community to prevent any further cases in Pun Hlaing Estate.

Kind regards

Jonathan Hegarty

General Manager



Safe-Distancing Measures

We would also like to strongly suggest that you take stricter safe-distancing measures by staying at home and avoid any non-essential contact for the next 14 days.

COVID-19 symptoms

Should you show any COVID-19 symptoms or have travel history to parts of the world infected with COVID-19, the recommendations are;

  • Consult professional medical advice;

  • Self-isolation for a minimum period of 14 days., i.e. avoid contact with others;

  • Notify Pun Hlaing Estate management;

  • Maintaining good personal hygiene including washing hands well and often.

Please go to the following website for the World Health Organization's recommendation of good practices for COVID-19:

Should you require any assistance we have our contact line at 1461 (from landlines within the Estate) or 09 955400911.

Should you require any medical information contact Pun Hlaing Siloam Hospital hotline at

01 3684323.


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