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COVID-19: The Future of Pun Hlaing Estate, a Lifestyle-driven Gated Community

By Phyo Ei Khine

Choosing a home for yourself or family is an important decision. There are many considering factors for buying a home such as types of house, a landed property or an apartment, a gated or non-gated community, location and the neighbourhood. The type of the home depends on how many family members or individuals will live there. Other critical factors include the population density within that given area, the level of responsiveness by the property management company and the types of amenities, facilities and services offered.

Let us look at the various types of gated communities.

Security zone community

Security zone has restricted public streets to non-residents. There will be roving patrols, guest sign-in sign-out procedures and protocols. There will be guards stationed at the gate, to discourage crime and limit footpaths and traffic. There are no facilities and common lifestyle activities.

Lifestyle community

Lifestyle community offers access to shared amenities such as golf course, swimming pool and country club. The estate management company offers relaxation activities, such as book club, yoga club, day spa, gardening club, cooking classes and monthly get-together. This community also focus on environmental sustainability of the estate such as organic farm, community garden and botanical garden.

Elite community

Elite community reflects the wealth and reputation of the residents. They place a high value on exclusivity. They are averse to shared facilities and amenities. Elite community is prestige.

COVID-19 has taught us valuable lessons, affirms what people want. They want safety and security above all other amenities and facilities. Safety in the form of restricting non-residents into the estate to ensure non-importation of the virus. They want a management company that can carry out contact tracing if needed. They want to live in a community of neighbours that are kind, compassionate and responsible. They share their concerns over curfews and lockdown. They want an estate management that can arrange for food delivery and essential supplies.

Pun Hlaing Estate is a 652 acre estate located by the Hlaing and Pan Hlaing rivers. A beautifully landscaped oasis of luxury estate villas and serviced apartments, golf course, country club with outdoor pool and tennis courts, culinary experiences, hotel, an international school, a hospital and a wellness day spa. Pun Hlaing Estate is a breath of fresh air away from the city so you can fully relax and enjoy life in Myanmar.


About Phyo Ei Khine

Phyo is the Marketing Executive at Yoma Land and managing marketing activities of Pun Hlaing Estate home sales. Phyo loves travelling and explores new cultures and cuisine.

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