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Community Notification: COVID-19 Response - Level 2 Actions

Updated: Apr 15, 2020

Dear Residents,

We would like to provide you with the latest updates further to our 30 March 2020 communication on COVID-19.

As a result of an increase in the number of COVID-19 positive cases, the Yangon Regional Government (YRG) is heightening safe-distancing measures to pre-empt escalating infections. A number of locations within Yangon and across Myanmar have been given instructions on reducing movements and interactions in public and private places. We will be activating our Level 2 plans in the Estate.

The following are guidelines from YRG:

Within the Estate:

You may move around while maintaining physical distancing. We do, however, recommend movement only for essential services and exercise.

Outside the Estate:

Should you require to go out of the Estate, you should only do so for the following reasons:

  1. Healthcare: To go to the hospital or to a clinic for urgent medical needs;

  2. Food: To buy daily necessities.

As a result of the above guidelines from YRG, the Estate will be implementing the following Level 2 Action Plan with effect from Friday 10 April 2020 until further notice:

  • All residents and staff need to be registered with the Estate;

  • The Estate will be operating under a Crisis Management Team, and will continue to provide essential services (waste management, utilities, customer support, water treatment and security);

  • A full security team will be on site for support;

  • The Country Store will be opened;

  • The Swimming Pool, Tennis Courts and the Gym will be opened;

  • All construction works will stop operations;

  • Golf Course will remain open, but with limited services provided;

  • Horizons and Oasis will not be open for dine-in, but takeaway options will be available;

  • The Campus will be closed, and all staff will be working from home. Only the Yoma Group’s COVID-19 management response team will continue operations.

In addition to the above measures, we would like to remind you that the following measurements have already been implemented:

  • All Estate events postponed.

  • Dulwich College Yangon closed.

  • Spa closed.

  • Third-party construction sites around the Estate have stopped operations.

We would also like to suggest that you take stricter safe-distancing measures by staying at home and avoid any non-essential contact for the next 14 days.

Should you show any COVID-19 symptoms or have travel history to parts of the world infected with COVID-19, the recommendations are;

  • Consult professional medical advice;

  • Self-isolation for a minimum period of 14 days. I.e. avoid contact with others;

  • Notify Pun Hlaing Estate management;

  • Maintaining good personal hygiene including washing hands well and often;

Please go to the following website for the World Health Organizations’ recommendation of good practices for COVID-19:

Should you require any assistance we have our contact line at 1461 (from landlines within the Estate) or 09 955400911.

Should you require any medical information contact Pun Hlaing Siloam Hospital hotline at

01 3684323.

All of the above are preventive measures, and the Estate’s preparation are intended to allow us to respond promptly and in a transparent manner, in the event of further escalation in the situation.

Kind regards

Jonathan Hegarty

General Manager


Community Notification: COVID-19 Response

(There might be changes, depending on management discretion. All actions will be done with the collective residents' health and safety interests.)

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