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COVID-19: Behind the Scenes at Pun Hlaing Estate Docuseries Part 1 #StaySafeYangon

By Jonathan Hegarty, Brenda Hobin, Win Pa Pa Myo @ Grace & Myint Zu Win Han @ Michelle, Aung Aung Oo, Stephen Chick


Source: World Health Organization

"Being well prepared is critical in preventing the spread of infectious diseases and minimising impact should an outbreak occur. From our governments and health systems, to the personal responsibility of each individual, we all must maintain a state of readiness and ability to act. Property managers inherently have a high standard of responsibility, but especially in uncertain times there are many people who rely on us as leaders to keep them safe and protect their interests. From employees, to owners, investors, residents, and tenants, there are several aspects of preparedness, business operations, and communication needed to address each one of these stakeholders when faced with the threat of a pandemic. The single most important action to take is to plan now." - IREM Pandemic Guide for Real Estate Managers, Mar 2020

We take taken the following precautionary measures to ensure the residents, tenants and staff safety; to ensure a sense of normality in the every day lives. There are a lot of parts that has to be engaged to ensure normality; and these are made possible with the commitment of the unsung heroes of Yoma Land. We would like to thank them for their personal commitment to continuously provide a safe haven for the residents and the community at large.

Customer Service Team

Prompt & Transparent Communication

Besides sharing information on COVID-19 advisory, preparedness and activation plan; the customer service team continuously reminds residents of the need to maintain a physical distance (social distancing) when they are moving around the estates. Residents suffering from any symptoms are requested to seek medical advice and self isolate. Information on residents who have tested positive are given full disclosure to facilitate contact tracing. All information on COVID-19 related matters are posted on website to offer easy access to residents and community at large.

Security Team

Hiring of Third Party Experts

The security team at the estate is well trained; the management takes a step further by hiring third party experts to provide further training to our in-house security team. This action also increase the numbers of security team members around the estate, offering greater assurance to the residents onsite.

Human Resources

Accommodation for Staff and Multi-Family Team Members

As the estate went into Level 2 engagement, with restricted access to the gated community, temporary accommodation with proper hygiene and facilities were built to house 350 staff members. This temporal measure and separation helped to reduce any importation or exportation of the virus. Dedicated helplines manned by human resources department in consultation with medical experts and estate office were set up to respond to calls and concerns of staff members and residents respectively.

Housekeeping Team

Extra Hygiene and Sanitation

Housekeeping teams are providing extra sanitation and disinfecting when cleaning residents homes and public facilities. The housekeeping team members themselves must exercise proper care when conducting the routines and extraordinary cleaning and sanitation to ensure they are protecting themselves as well as the residents. Residents and teams must maintain physical distance of 1.8 metres.

IT & Engineering

Stable Connectivity & Continuous Power Supply

During a pandemic, quite often, the city would encounter long periods of black-out. The engineering team had to ensure the estate has sufficient fuel to operate the generators during such occurrences. IT team has to ensure the WIFI connectivity remains stable throughout this period; where many residents are asked to work from home or ordered by medical experts or governmental bodies to practice self isolation.


Going Wild

The gardeners are still taking care of the common areas to ensure the residents' daily walks and exercises are carried out in a serene and well-manicured environment. Pun Hlaing Estate is home to a myriad of wildlife and the maintenance of the landscape and estate will continue to provide a sanctuary for these exotic animals, sighted often at the estate.