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COVID-19 Precaution & Actions

Updated: Sep 15, 2020

COVID-19 Precaution & Actions, in consultation with medical experts, based on Myanmar Government directive

Dear Residents,

We would like to inform you of how we are going to move forward related to COVID-19 precaution and actions. The situation is rapidly evolving and the estate is in a state of readiness to respond promptly to new developments. We have defined four levels in our crisis management plan namely Green, Yellow, Amber and Red. The levels will only be decided by Yoma Land in consultation with medical experts, based on Myanmar Government direction.

Green is return to normal situation with no/ limited confirmed cases within Myanmar however a state of high alert with the assumption that COVID 19 may be present in the country. At this level :

  • All Covid-19 restrictions will be lifted

Yellow is current situation; Officially confirmed cases within Myanmar. At this level:

  • We will activate the Standard COVID-19 Health & Safety precautions

  • Residents need to declare travel requirement form for international and domestic travel

  • Good hygiene practice – handwashing, hand sanitizer, safe coughing/sneezing should be made at all time.

  • There will be temperature screening at all entries to the Estate

  • Follow social distancing of 6 feet within the estate

  • Have to wear a mask when social distancing of 6 feet cannot be achieved

  • We will remain open the Country Club, Oasis Spa, Oasis Restaurant

Amber is a heightened state of alert, likely triggered by more confirmed cases in Myanmar and a partial restriction in the Yangon imposed by the Myanmar government. At this level:

  • Good hygiene practice – hand-washing, hand sanitiser, safe coughing / sneezing should be made at all time.

  • Residents should follow strict social distancing

  • Have to follow 100% mandatory facemask wearing within the estate

  • Oasis will provide a limited menu for takeaway and delivery options.

  • Third-party construction sites have been issued specific guidelines.

  • We will maintain basic estate management services - waste collection, generator, F&B delivery and security

  • The Golf Course and tennis courts will remain opened but with limited services to residents and members.

  • The Country Club, Gym (maximum 8 person) and Oasis Spa (with restrictions) will be opened only to members and residents.

  • We will postpone all of the estate events

Red is full locked down of city imposed by the Myanmar government, likely triggered by an imminent risk of pandemic in Myanmar and real risk of community spread. At this level:

  • We will lock down the entire estate, no entry or exit.

  • We will be running the estate with crisis team to perform basic services.

  • All residents in the estate who require emergency supply of food and water shall contact the Estate management.

  • Full security team will be on site for support.

  • Country Store will be closed for Customers in person, remains open for deliveries within the Estate

  • Golf Course will remain open with minimal service (no caddies)

  • Oasis operational on limited takeaway and delivery menu only

  • All project works suspended

  • Drivers and Housekeepers allowed to enter and exit (pre-registered, with proper identification)

Kindly be reminded that all owner-occupiers and tenants need to update the family registration at our Customer Service Office.

WHO advises on the link below for good practices and how to do in case of infection or to prevent infection:

Should you require any assistance we have our contact line at 1461 (from landlines within the Estate) or 09955400911.

Should you require any medical information contact Pun Hlaing Siloam Hospital hotline at 013684323.

We must stress that the there is no need to panic – our preparations are intended to allow us to respond promptly, in a transparent manner, in the event of further escalation in the situation.

Kind Regards,

Jonathan Hegarty

General Manager

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