• Pun Hlaing Estate

COVID-19 Health Advisory Announcement - New Level Amber

Dear Residents

We would like to inform you of our latest plans related to COVID-19 precaution and actions. The situation is rapidly evolving and the Estate is in a state of readiness to respond promptly to new developments. We have decided in light of the latest actions taken by the regional government, we will increase our state or readiness and alert to Amber.

New Level Amber

A heightened state of alert, with some aspects of previous level still in place.

  • Good hygiene practice – hand-washing, hand sanitiser, safe coughing / sneezing should be made at all time.

  • Residents should follow strict social distancing.

  • Everyone to follow 100% mandatory face mask wearing within the estate.

  • Oasis will provide a limited menu for takeaway and delivery options.

  • Third-party construction sites have been issued specific guidelines.

  • We will maintain basic estate management services - waste collection, generator and security.

  • The Golf Course and tennis courts will remain opened but with limited services to residents and members.

  • The Country Club, Gym (maximum 8 person) and Oasis Spa (with restrictions) will be opened only to members and residents.

  • We will postpone all events in the Estate.

Resident registration and ID cards

As one of the preventive measures, the Management encourages all owner-occupiers and tenants to update the family registry by 15th September, 2020. Please refer to the attached file at the end of this announcement. The following information is mandatory and we will be issuing resident ID cards:

  • Your basic family information as previously requested (if you have already provided the information – thank you.)

  • Passport size photo (white background) – simple phone photo is sufficient.

  • Please make sure your driver, helper and nanny are registered as well to your household.

Please also note that owners need to inform the Estate Management office / customer service office when a new tenant moves in. The new tenants / resident will be required to fill in a health & travel declaration form before proceeding to occupy the unit.

Landscaping and Housekeeping Service

  • Our Estate employees will be deployed into teams A & B with a zoning work plan to reduce density. This means that landscaping and housekeeping services will be cut down by half starting from Monday, (14th September 2020) until further notice.

  • The landscaping team will provide services every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Housekeeping teams will continue to provide services as scheduled.

WHO has provided advice on good practices and what to do in cases of infection and how to prevent infections. Please refer to this link.

Should you require any assistance, please contact the following number: 1461 (from landlines within the Estate) or 09955400911.

Should you require any medical information, please contact Pun Hlaing Siloam Hospital hotline at 013684323.

We must stress that the there is no need to panic. All our preparations are intended to allow us to respond promptly, in a transparent manner, in the event of further escalation of the situation.