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Dear Residents

As you are no doubt aware, COVID-19 is currently a serious issue around the world and has led to restrictions of movement in many countries. Please note that we have been working on a thorough and clear plan for the Estate and will very soon communicate any additional actions and implications for any heightened levels of risk in Myanmar.

Actions implemented so far are as follows;

  • We are working closely with Pun Hlaing Siloam Hospital to monitor the situation in Myanmar on a daily basis.

  • Checking the temperature of all entrants to the Estate including residents, staff, contractors, workers and visitors through all gates.

  • One gate has been closed with further restrictions / controls planned if necessary.

  • Additional thermometers have been purchased with senior management now regularly checking from senior management and safety staff. Some issues have been found and are actively being addressed.

  • Central reporting and recording at Yoma Land HQ of any temperatures recorded above WHO guidelines.

  • All events planned postponed and no new events until further notice.

  • No meetings of more than 20 people in the Campus.

  • All Yoma businesses following strict corporate COVID-19 policies and daily updates and direction from senior YSH management.

At present we are preparing to implement further steps to ensure all aspects of security, utilities (water, electricity, wifi), food and beverage (essential food products and drinking water) will remain functional in the event of any potential enforced restrictions of movement. We already have a crisis management team and our existing contact points remain available 24/7; contacts at bottom of page.

We do however urge you to do the following in preparation;

  • Provide updated records of all people living at your residence within Pun Hlaing Estate including names, age and any existing medical conditions.

  • · Also, register your any regular staff (including drivers, helpers) that do not live at your residence.

  • · We will send out a separate mail on the above within today.

  • If you have any of the symptoms related to COVID-19 please make sure to self-isolate yourself

  • Please practice social distancing to reduce any spread of not only COVID-19 but any other potential viruses.

  • Practice good personal hygiene measures to prevent any further contamination.

  • As children are at home with the schools closed please also limit social gatherings as this is also a precaution.

WHO advise on the link below for good practices and how to do in case of infection or to prevent infection:

Should you require any assistance we have our contact line at 1461 (from landlines within the Estate) or 09955400911

Should you require any medical information contact Pun Hlaing Siloam Hospital hotline at 013684323

Best Regards

Estate Management

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