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Why green exercising provides the best results for your overall wellbeing?

Exercising proves not only improves your immune system, it also lowers your blood pressure, improves your sleep and enhances your moods. But green exercising, further adds to mental wellbeing and some studies even suggest exercising in nature brings us back to our roots and further aid in anger reduction. Afterall, we were born to operate in nature to start with, enjoying the outdoors, early sunrise and crimson sunset.

Nature does not have a fixed architecture. It evolves, for instance, if you try to do a pull up on a branch around the Pun Hlaing Estate, each tree is different and provides you with different challenges and as such work different muscles groups each time you do a pull up. The winds provide the necessary push and resistance when you are running or cycling around the estate. The flexor muscles react differently to the different impact of the winds especially if you are exercising near our jetty whose winds direction are affected by tides of the river.

Some easy steps to start connecting with nature at Pun Hlaing Estate:

  1. Start with a walk around the estate.

  2. Have a go at swinging from the trees, do avoid the golf course as it is dangerous to walk around the golf course when golfers are around.

  3. Create your own itinerary, you may want to start from your home, turn anti clockwise and when you reach the Country Store, either continue the journey towards the jetty where Pun Akery is anchored or take a different route home.

  4. When you are accustomed to your routine, perhaps raise your routine up a notch and start jogging or a mix of job and run.

  5. Finally, have sufficient rest before you start on your next date with nature.

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