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What luxury home seekers are looking for in 2021

In 2020, we witnessed new benchmark on home buying. High net-worth home seekers are demanding for greater outdoor space, wellness facilities, low density community and neighbourhood with good security are now the new luxury benchmarks.


As they spend more time at home, both for work and leisure, they are looking for open layout design and concept, that can accommodate modern interiors and informal transitions, from room to room, and floor to floor.


Rising demand for ready to move-in homes

The affluent are willing to pay more for model home or showrooms as these offer a turnkey arrangement that allows them to move in at ease.


Living space to support a lifestyle choice

They are looking for outdoor space that can magically and quickly transform into indoor/outdoor living. So a dining room that opens up to an external patio, garden or pool are quickly becoming the preferred lifestyle choice.


Multi-purpose rooms

The affluent is also looking for multipurpose room they can transform or convert into a second living room, a playroom, a gym or even a home cinema.


Wellness amenities & facilities

Demand for community garden, outdoor playground and even alfresco dining is also on the rise as people are spending more time at home with the new norm. They are looking at eco friendly water treatment plants or communities that place a high value on saving the environment.



More people are keeping pets as a response to improving their mental well-being. Homes that are pet friendly will be the upcoming trend.


At Pun Hlaing Estate, there are a wide variety of home options, from condo to townhouses to villas that can address the needs of the modern home-seekers. If you would like to know what are your options and home loan availability at Pun Hlaing, do contact us at Enquiry: +95 (9) 777229449 Email:


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