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Pun Hlaing June 2020 Newsletter

Updated: Jun 23, 2020

By Win Pa Pa Myo @ Grace

Luxury Lifestyle Redefined

It is possible to achieve and maintain a complete sense of wellbeing when you are staying at Pun Hlaing Estate! While our Customised Botanic Gardens Date-cation, Play-cation & Stay-cation Packages are created to offer you and your family the chance to create an itinerary that’s uniquely yours, our i-Soul-ation Spiritual Awakening Retreats offer a mind-body holistic experience that can help you change the way you think about your recent experiences, reduce stress and anxiety. Contact our holidays specialist at +95 1 3687777 or email now to find out more!


Are you ready to move into your luxury homes now?

In this link you will find a collection of our newest extraordinary real estate in Pun Hlaing Estate. There are villas, semi-detached, townhouses, built around Gary Player designed golf course. Whatever your taste, Yoma Land real estate professionals are devoted to uniting you with your dream property. To schedule a viewing, just connect with us and we are ready to provide you with unrivalled service. For private viewings, email our sales specialists or call them at +95 1 3687 778, +95 1 3687 800.


Peaceful & Safe Sanctuary

Our residents have grown even closer and stronger over the last couple of months. Staying at home requires strength and resilience. The Pun Hlaing Estate Community Portrait Project captures this solidarity in a photo collage, featuring individual residents, reminding them of good memory for a long time to come.


New resident to the lifestyle community

Due to the strict health and safety protocols, our estate has received tremendous amount of requests from residents living in Yangon to move to the estate. This month we welcome Odamura Shigeo San one of the newest residents to share our sanctuary!


Relaxation & Harmony

Personal garden paradise, Oasis Day Spa launches its new & holistic wellness menu, a combination of organic and local ingredients, the new menu offers luxurious experiences that's relaxing and rejuvenating for our members, guests & residents.

A New Hair style

Embrace change. Transforming your look with a new hairstyle can have a profound effect on your confidence and how you feel. Start Fresh with a New Hairstyle at Oasis Spa & Salon. Booking is highly recommended, contact us at +95 1 3687660 | +95 1 3687663


Meet Suji Choi!

We are pleased to announce the appointment of Ms. Suji Choi as the new Country Club & Spa Manager with effect from 1 June 2020. Born in Busan South Korea, a destination known for its beaches, hot springs and nature reserves, it seems natural for Suji to embark on a career that centres on complete wellness. Residents and members will be delighted to experience our new spa packages or consult with Suji so she can customize packages and treatments that suit your needs. Suji speaks Korean, English, Mandarin and Japanese.


Stay Active, Stay Motivated

As the physical wellbeing of residents is our upmost priority, the outdoor pool, gym and tennis courts remained open in consultation with medical experts. Country Club is sanitised daily to ensure the residents can enjoy the facilities at ease.

For some great workout without leaving the house, follow our online exercise videos Pun Hlaing Exercise Channel with May to keep your fitness routine.


Eating Right

Missing your lunch and dinner favorites at our restaurants? Our menu offers extensive list of healthy and delicious options. Now available for dine in and take out following safe distancing measures for our guests.

Place your order or reserve your table at Oasis Bistro at 1513 or 09407496700.

Cooking at home? Buy organic veggies and fresh produce at Country Store (between 10am-7pm or call 09760112102 for information.)

Follow us on social media to stay tuned for our future promotions and events.



The Horizons Restaurant will be temporarily closed for two months for renovation from Monday 1 June. We apologise for any inconvenience caused during this period.


Metro @ Pun Hlaing Estate - Online Shopping Makes Shopping Easier and Life Better

To take advantage of this offer, kindly register here.


Safely Enjoy the Outdoors

Events and activities such as Drive-in movie nights every two weeks allow residents to come together, yet apart. We maintain physical distancing while retaining the necessary social interaction critical for emotional wellbeing. Book the our next Drive-in Movie Night on June 5th and June 19th at 1513 or 09407496700.

Time to get ready to head to Pun Hlaing veggie farm for family day out again. The harvest will be ready for your family fun day out last week of June. Priced at MMK10,000 per box or a maximum of 10kg, the farm is open daily between 4pm-6pm! Be sure to purchase your coupon from the Country Store.


Game Up Your Sport

Get some much-needed fresh air while staying safely away from others with your favourite sport. Pun Hlaing Golf Club is open to residents and members with precautions in place. From Monday 25th May, the Golfer check-in will temporarily be moved to Awei Metta Hotel Lobby due to renovation at the Golf Club. Current Offer : Join your mid week membership and receive $100 goodie bag. Call +95 1 684 020 or email for more info.


How has Pun Hlaing Estate Responded to COVID-19 - Docuseries Part 2

We’re all at risk from COVID-19. It is a virus that transcend all boundaries, a threat to people from all walks of life. Our employees, especially the frontline team members, who are living at the estate and away from their families and kids during the lockdown; so that they can continue to provide essential services to our residents are admirable. They have gone way and above their normal call of duties. The Pun Hlaing Estate management is truly grateful for their commitment and loyalty. Read more here.


Working together to keep our homes clean and green

Litter is bad for animals and people. Plastic waste suffocates, disables and kills thousands of animals each year. Litter include dog poo are unhygienic and spoils our environment. Sharp objects like broken glass can cut your feet.

So what can we as a family do?

  • Always put your litter in the bin; if there is no bin, hold on to it until you find one.

  • Pick up any litter you see lying around.

  • If you see anyone littering, advise them to pick up the litter and dispose them in the bins.

Note: The estate will impose a fine of US$100 for anyone caught littering. The fine will be used to organise complimentary events for the residents.


In collaboration with Step-in Step-up, a social impact agency founded by Jackie Appel, the communities joined forces to make reusable mask to support the surrounding villagers. Buy your reusable cotton masks and contribute to charity (Available at Country Store! )

You can also help Step-in Step-up by buying a design-your-own-mask kit priced at MMK 7,500 each. The kit contains 2 face masks, 6 fabric markers plus 2 additional masks and a fabric marker which will be donated to a school child in our neighbouring village community.

More information, read here.


Join Sa Ba Street Food Tours to support street vendors, hungry and vulnerable people affected by COVID-19. A small donation of MMK60,000 goes a long way of feeding 100 struggling individuals.


Travel Therapy For You

The ability to travel is just one of the many luxuries temporarily suspended and our travel plans are put on hold as the outbreak continues. In the meantime, we can plan for the future and use these tips to start planning that glorious first post-pandemic vacation.

7 wonders of the world Wonder is nourishment for the soul. We are the only animal on earth, as far as we know, that can be moved to tears by a sunset, that marvels at the stars at night, that feels awe, and humility, at the achievements of our past. Wonder defines us as human beings. - Conde Nast Traveller.


What’s Hot Around the World

Athleisure Fashion for Golf is derived from sportswear, but it goes the extra mile for daily dressing and even formal wears in some professional situations! Millennials around the world are quickly jumping on the athleisure trend since it is cool, effortless and comfortable.

Technology & wealth-being in the new world, every man, woman and child across the globe is having to come to terms with some form of restriction in movement, never before has keeping our distance been so important. This has led to a boom in the cycling industry. Savvy city dwellers have woken up to the joy and freedom that cycling brings. Read more here.


Coming soon!

Yoma Land new concept & design for independent living

We believe YOLD (old in age and young at heart) should have the opportunity to experienced independence as independence is critical to the overall wellbeing of any individual. They should be able to live amongst friends and families, they should be able to enjoy community activities and sports, access to personal care provided by experienced professionals. The family members should be able to live close or in same home with their elderlies; the family members should be able to care for themselves as well as the elderlies who brought them up. They can go on their annual holidays and not worried about meals arrangement or emergency medical response when they are not around. Read more here.


Integrated quarter where business connects curated shopping with fine dining, hip bars & cafes


Thank you for reading our newsletter and please share your feedback with us or share with us what you would like us to see in the coming months. Stay socially connected while maintaining physical distance!

See you next month!

Editorial Team

Pun Hlaing Estate

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