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Pun Hlaing July 2020 Newsletter

Updated: Jul 3, 2020

By Win Pa Pa Myo @ Grace

The estate is joining the United Nations in recognising the importance of friendship this July. Observed on the 30th of the month, this is a day where we celebrate peace, security, development and social among the world's peoples. Pun Hlaing Estate has over 2,000 residents from diverse culture and background. A special commemorative issue to honour our friendship and is definitely in order!

Friendship & Wellbeing

Choosing a home for yourself or family is an important decision. There are many considering factors for buying a home such as types of house, a landed property or an apartment, a gated or non-gated community, location and the types of people living in the neighbourhood. Good neighbours can make or break your experience. With good neighbours, you have new friends, new confidants and maybe even babysitters. Your neighbours who have lived in the area know all the tricks and insights that will make your new home a delightful experience.


Get Involved : July Events at a Glance

Throughout the year, residents, visitors and members can join along in celebrating everything from food and culture to quirky events such as Quiz, Family Cook-out evenings to fitness classes such as Zumba, Aquarobics to kids football.

Here's a glimpse of what's happening in July!


Why green exercising provides the best results for your overall wellbeing?

Exercising proves not only improves your immune system, it also lowers your blood pressure, improves your sleep and enhances your moods. But green exercising, further adds to mental wellbeing and some studies even suggest exercising in nature brings us back to our roots and further aid in anger reduction. After all, we were born to operate in nature to start with, enjoying the outdoors, early sunrise and crimson sunset.


Going Wild with Jon Skipper

In June, we’ve had some cracking submissions from friends of the blog who are residents at our YOMA Land developments and starting us off this month is something extra special ...


These beautiful photographs of an Oriental Darter were captured by keen wildlife photographer and longtime contributor to GW - Arti Maholtra - at the lake which runs along the entrance road to Pun Hlaing Estate and Pun Hlaing Siloam Hospital.

These rarely sighted, elegant birds wait patiently while perched on a tree branch or wading into shallow water, remaining completely motionless until their unsuspecting prey swims close enough for them to rapidly strike out with their pointed bills and capture the unsuspecting fish or frog who ventured too close.

The subtle, muted coloring of this bird is what makes it so visually appealing but its graceful shape hides its real nature as that of a true predator.

Celebrate Nature With Us

Being connected with nature is good for our social, psychological and emotional wellbeing. Many have taken to nature as a way to heal and for spiritual awakening. Being connected with Nature & Going Wild, be it living with nature or simply looking at photographs of nature, helps us cultivate openness, creativity, connection, generosity and resilience.

Don't forget to participate in July Photo Contest with your own best shots.


Living in a Multi-National Community

Putting customers at the heart of everything allow us to help our B2B business partners achieve their goals, increase referrals and our occupancy.

The Building Connections events are an opportunity for us to exchange ideas and showcase our new homes for rent. Regular events of this nature are great for keeping in touch with our partners and create the buying-in for the growth of our rental business. Most of all, participants at the events also get the chance to win a Staycation Package at The Residence.

Up Close & Personal with Thet Naing Tun, Leasing Operations Manager

Thet Naing, an experienced hotelier, heads the operations team. He is in charge of training and guiding the team towards tenants’ relationship management, ensuring tenants needs and expectations are met. Highly emphatic, Thet Naing loves to interact with our tenants and exchange cross cultural knowledge.

Up Close & Personal with Aye Thandar Tun, Estate Service Manager

Aye Thandar Tun @ Alice was appointed as Estate Service Manager in January 2020 and she is in charge of training and guiding the Estate team in areas such as responsiveness, engagement, conflict resolution. With more than 14 years of customer service experience, she sees the importance of customer service within the estate to ensure the satisfaction of the residents and she strives to build trust and strong long-term relationships with the residents.



Yoma Land: Connecting Yangon's Communities

“Good accessibility to public transport is key, and Yoma Land’s locations link directly to numerous YBS bus routes, seamlessly connecting the entire city. Star City is currently designing a Transport Hub for the estate, which proposes to bring YBS services to within walking distance of its residents. Star City also operates a popular daily shuttle bus connecting to downtown Yangon; Pun Hlaing is planning to introduce a similar service.”

“Yoma Land is constantly exploring new transportation options. One such initiative is water transportation, which will connect Star City & Pun Hlaing via Pansodan & Kyee Myin Daing to increase connectivity by reducing door to door travel time via a reliable, convenient and desirable mode. Exciting journeys ahead for residents and visitors alike.”


Thank you for reading our newsletter and please share your feedback with us or share with us what you would like us to see in the coming months. Stay socially connected while maintaining physical distance!

See you next month!

Editorial Team

Pun Hlaing Estate

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