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Pun Hlaing August 2020 Newsletter : A Happy Haven for The Body, Mind and Soul

By Win Pa Pa Myo @ Grace

Happiness Happens Month is a whole month dedicated to celebrating what makes you happy. The holiday is based on the premise that happiness is unlimited and contagious and that sharing one’s happiness and can bring a lot of joy in other people’s lives.

Happiness Happens Day encourages people to take stock of their lives and try to do and think about things that make them happy and to share this joy with others.

Here are some ways to celebrate this happy day: Do something nice for yourself – after all, happiness starts at home. Make someone else happy by doing something nice for them. It can be something as simple as giving up your seat on the bus to someone else or a more elaborate gesture like volunteering your time and money to a charity of your choice.

A Happy Haven for The Body, Mind and Soul

In today’s world, we are exposed to a myriad of toxic products. Besides causing sluggishness and raising irritability, these toxic products also weaken the body organs. A detox retreat is a necessary step to heal your body and mind.

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Renting a Safe & Happy Home for Your Family

Yoma Land rentals is a full-service real estate marketplace with properties at Pun Hlaing golf estate. We go the extra mile to take care of all the details for tenants and home-owners so their precious time can be fully devoted to living life the way they love and prides itself on being one of the most progressive property management in our areas of service. We are driven by the satisfaction of our clients.

Below are our estates quality assurance that you choose us in our properties managed by experienced property management company.

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Property of the month

Your chance to rent with 20% discount at Lotus Hill from 3 to 16 August, 2020