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Updated: Jun 24, 2020

A fresh tune to start your day with - Yoma Land music channel.

Today’s tune: ‘Virile’ by The Blaze (2017 Paris)

The track from Paris based duo The Blaze, who are cousins (suddenly makes me miss my cousins), is indeed about brotherly and sisterly bond. The underlaying story is of the fun moments that fix us in time, the affectionate clowning around and practical joke matches to the rhythm of ‘four-on-the-floor’ drum beat. 😉

‘Latin Fever’ (Chicago 1958)

Hello everyone,

This morning we have the energising, unstoppable king of bongos Jack Costanzo with ‘Latin Fever’ (Chicago 1958).

Costanzo first heard the bongos as a kid at a teenage dance class in Chicago. The ‘legend’ goes that he has then made his own drums out of wooden butter-churns by cutting down the stakes and tacking bass drum skins. Eventually at 21 he went to Havana to learn how to use the real thing. By the time he was 30 he was widely renowned as the ‘Mr. Bongo’, his hands were so fast we would rip the instruments. And aside for being a coveted drummer he also became a teacher to many eccentric Hollywood stars of the 50s and 60s. I’m talking about THE boys and gals of the times: Marlon Brando, Rita Moreno, Tony Curtis, Betty Grable, James Dean, and Gary Cooper. It must have been a gas 😊

Francisco Tenorio Junior ‘Nebulosa’ (1964 Rio de Janeiro)

Good morning everyone,

Today we have perky & jazzy bossa nova: Francisco Tenorio Junior ‘Nebulosa’ (1964 Rio de Janeiro)

Tenorio recorded only one album, despite being a virtuoso pianist. Then, one March evening in 1964 (he was 34 then) while touring in Buenos Aires, he left to buy cigarettes and disappeared from the face of the Earth.

This piece could easily be mistaken for a nu-jazz track by some French electro-wizard. In fact it was sampled numerous times by many. Check: Nomak, DJ Cam Quartet, A Forest Mighty Black, the list goes on…Incredible tune.

Bloodflow by Grandbrothers, sir Was remix (2018 Germany)

A German piano/electronic duo from Dusseldorf called Grandbrothers, this tune from their 2018 EP, featuring a package of exclusive remixes of ‘Bloodflow’, the standout track from the bands’ 2017 album ‘Open'. My fave  version with pop polymath sir Was (same one we posted about yesterday), who rounds up the collection with a distinguished breezy remix.

sir Was ‘In the Midst’ (Sweden 2016)

Simple layering of  bass guitar thrums and neat drums over indie/hip hop song with radio chatter sample. Smasher!

George Jackson with 'Aretha, sing one for me' (1962 USA)

Southern soul song, less popular than Motown but equally delightful. 

Jackson sings of his girl leaving him, and that she has been spotted going to ‘an Aretha Franklin show’, and that in order to show her how much he loves her, Jackson pleads to Aretha to sing a song that ‘will let her know I’m as miserable as a man could be’. Hopelessly romantic...😂

A tune from Blinky Bill again (we posted about him before Thingyan) ‘Kalimu’ (Kenya 2018)

The featured field recording of folkloric music made by Hugh Tracey in 1950 comes from a village near Mombassa and is sung in the Mijikenda language and translates - "May this journey bring blessings".

In this song – a metaphor of ancestor’s guidance on the journey of life, Blinky Bill is rapping about maintaining positivity and dignity in the face of adversity on the road.

Tune from Pongo ‘Chora’ (Portugal 2019)

Pongo, a young artist originally from Angola musically connects the dots between kuduro, dancehall and electronic music. In this tune a lot less up-tempo then some of the insane carnival-like pieces (kudoro is a sample of carnival music with accordion and percussion), but still makes one want to sway a hip.

Bag Raiders ‘Shooting Star’ (2009 Australia)

Happy New Year everyone!

First day of the new year deserves a proper dance around the kitchen/ bedroom/ living room. My suggestion – POP!

Song only reached its popularity in 2017, thanks to a meme. And again in 2019, thanks to this silly and joyous video. Let’s not overthink it….

Big big virtual hug 😊

Orbital ‘Belfast’ tune (1991 Kent, UK)

In the name of variety let’s step into 1990s British techno.

I do love something special from any basket. This tune is it. Notice the vocal sample? This is a composer deserving post of her own- medieval mystic (circa 1100s) Hildegard von Bingen. I discovered her music singing in a school choir (yes, I did) but was only reminded about her through the rave scene – this Orbital’s trippy track ‘Belfast’, which uses a beautiful sample of ‘O Euchari’. Of course, I was way too young to go to raves back then, but I own my musical education to my older brother.