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Myanmar YOLD: Yoma Land new concept & design for independent living

By Brenda Hobin

If the population annual growth rate continues to grow at the current rate of 1.4%, with the elderlies growing at 2.4% annually (Yangon Region Census Report); the total population of 65 years and above account for 9.8% of the total population by the year 2035 (Statista) or 13 million elderlies by the year 2050 (Eleven Media). This phenomenon is unsurprising given the decreasing birth rate and increasing life expectancy. This demographic shift is a burden on Myanmar society to support an ageing population.

Share of population older than 65 in the ASEAN region in 2035
Source: Statista

While it is a tradition for multi-generations of a family live together in one home; with the elderlies surrounded by family members for social interaction (The Gerontologist); and relying on family members to provide personal care (HelpAge International). The shift from independent to dependent living create stress for the elderlies. The elderlies can experience sense of loss of freedom and uncontrollable anger and rage as a result of losing control over their lives. After all, they have spent their entire lives living independently, running their businesses, raising families and making critical decisions. The caregivers may experience tremendous stress associated with their loss of freedom and having to deal with the outbursts and perceived unreasonableness of the elderlies. The caregivers may feel isolated as they are unable to verbalise their feelings and emotions as this would all go against the concept of filial piety in the Asian society.

Yoma Land new concept & design for independent living

We believe YOLD (old in age and young at heart) should have the opportunity to experienced independence as independence is critical to the overall wellbeing of any individual. They should be able to live amongst friends and families, they should be able to enjoy community activities and sports, access to personal care provided by experienced professionals. The family members should be able to live close or in same home with their elderlies; the family members should be able to care for themselves as well as the elderlies who brought them up. They can go on their annual holidays and not worried about meals arrangement or emergency medical response when they are not around.

With this vision in mind, we have collaborated with international medical experts from Pun Hlaing Siloam Hospital to create an assisted living model, where elderlies living in the Pun Hlaing Estate, whether in multi-generational homes or separate homes within the estate, to provide the necessary curated medical care for the elderlies and family members. The food and beverage outlets to prepare and deliver meals that meet and provide the nutrition for the elderlies. The Country Club at the estate will organise community activities to provide social interaction for the elderlies, and the Golf Club can organise sports activities suitable for the elderlies to stay active and alert.

Contact us to discuss your specific needs as every elderly and family have different needs and requirements.


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