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Updated: 5 days ago

Dear Residents

We know it is not easy to keep your fitness routine going even in the best of times, let alone during COVID19 lockdowns.

To give your motivation a kick in the glute we have asked our own talented miss May to send exercise video tutorials just for you.

They are easy, they are great, and you can do them at home, using anything you have at hand (backpacks, banana bunches, pets) no equipment necessary! See for yourself!

Watch this space twice a week (Mondays and Thursdays) for the near future.

Don’t give up on your abs !!!!

The Pun Hlaing Estate Team

Ab-work Thursday!

Give it a try for 2-3 rounds with repetitions of 12-20 per exercise with a slow and controlled tempo. I would love to see my Pun Hlaing Estate fam give this a try!

Drop a like and tag me @mayeaindre_min on Instagram, would love to see some burning abs.

Yours, May 😉

Milk carton-Monday!

Try this out for 2-3 rounds. If you wanna go by repetitions, go for 12-20 per exercise. If you wanna time yourself, go for 30s on, 30s off.

Drop a like and tag me @mayeaindre_min on Instagram, would love to see some of my Pun Hlaing Estate fam give this a try!

Yours, May 😉

Bringing you my chair program this Thursday!

Once quarantine hits, I’m not fooling around anymore. I’m lifting anything I see from couches to using this bad boy here.

Grab a chair and let’s get cracking!

We’re going to rep it out for 12-20 per exercise for 3-4 rounds.

Drop a like and tag me @mayeaindre_min on Instagram, would love to see some burning abs.

Yours, May 😉

Challenge of the day!

Today, we're gonna switch things up a tad.

Grab a broom or a pipe! Check out the challenge video posted below.

I'm gonna be re-sharing your posts/stories/video uploads on the challenge. SO, tag me if you're on ig @mayeaindre_min or if fb, search and mention May Eaindre Min. Remember your profiles need to be public for me to see and re-post your challenge videos!

Happy hunting!

Yours, May

Challenge of the day!

Once I ran out of milk cartons to use as equipments, I ran into someone who drank them all!

Ladies and gentlemen, featuring a guest in today’s partner-workout is my baby sister, Snow!

Today’s training consist of exercises that’ll keep your whole body burning. Complete at least 3-4 rounds with 12-20 repetitions per exercise for both you and your partner. Take turns and let’s get your blood pumping!

Yours, May

Why I train my core

I injured my lower back a couple years ago lifting deads. Let’s just say it was a test of my strength and also on the side, a little bit of my ego as well. It was the most excruciating pain I’ve ever felt.

In this video, I want to share a part of my journey on how I did, what I did to strengthen my core and relieve some pressure on my lower back and more importantly, to evolve mentally and slowly get past from a situation like this as well.

Lined up some of my favorite exercises for you here to target and improve your core muscles! You know the drill.

12-20 reps, 3-4 rounds.

Let’s go Yoma fam!

Yours, May ^_^

Let’s all come out of our caves and heat things up outside. Today mission is to flow! Your turn 😉

Hi Yoma Land family,

Today’s my rest day from all heavy workouts so I do some movement practice which is called ‘Animal Flow’ I normally incorporate these type of flows before workouts as a warm up, during or after as a form of stretching. It is a ground-based movement and great for active rest days as well. You can utilize these flows from any aspect you want, from intense cardio all the way to cool downs. Check it out! 🙂

Yours, May

Full bodyweight! No equipment!

With our new normal coming in and our new work schedules, I know you’ll still be keeping up with your fitness routines. Therefore, I came up with a very special program that I drew up for a close friend of mine. I wanted to share this with you because she loved it as much as I loved creating it. Enjoy! x

Remember, any questions you have please don’t be shy to reach out to me on the comment section down below or dm me on my Instagram @mayeaindre_min 😉

Yours, May

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