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COVID-19: Behind the Scenes at Pun Hlaing Estate Docuseries Part 2 #StaySafeYangon

By Jonathan Hegarty, Brenda Hobin, Win Pa Pa Myo @ Grace & Myint Zu Win Han @ Michelle, Aung Aung Oo, Stephen Chick

How has Pun Hlaing Estate Responded to COVID-19

We’re all at risk from COVID-19. It is a virus that transcend all boundaries, a threat to people from all walks of life. Our employees, especially the frontline team members, who are living at the estate and away from their families and kids during the lockdown; so that they can continue to provide essential services to our residents are admirable. They have gone way and above their normal call of duties. The Pun Hlaing Estate management is truly grateful for their commitment and loyalty.

We also want to thank all our residents for the way they have adapted to the safety guidelines; physical distancing and wearing masks at the estate. These are critical measures as they will save lives. They have shown resilience, courage, determination and solidarity to help one another during this period. They organised virtual house parties, exchanged health and exercise tips, shared surplus raw ingredients, cooked for one another, participated in community clean-up and they generously exchanged ideas on educational activities for kids. They have donated sewing machines and materials, sewn reusable face masks to the local communities.

A big thank you to the multi-national Pun Hlaing Estate community & family!

As you may have read from an earlier blog COVID-19: Behind the Scenes at Pun Hlaing Estate, a part of our #StaySafeYangon docuseries, the estate has established a dedicated COVID-19 advisory board, bringing together a team of internationally qualified medical experts from Pun Hlaing Siloam Hospital, to formalise protocols in compliance with with the Yangon Regional Government and the Ministry of Health and Sports health and safety decisions. This measure, in tandem with the innovative activities and programmes designed, is intended to create a safe haven for our residents. This holistic approach takes into consideration the physical, emotional and cognitive wellbeing of the homeowners-occupiers, residents, tenants, country and golf club members and our essential employees at the Estate.

Customer Service Team

Real Time Communication & Advisories

The customer service team continues to offer real-time information to the residents via various digital platforms. The Pun Hlaing Estate website is additionally updated in real time to keep residents, members and the community at large informed of the evolution of the pandemic.

Security Team

Temperature Screening & Stringent Gate Control

The security team continues to screen visitors, allowing visitors with valid residents pass to enter the estate. They continue to screen the temperatures using no contact temperature thermometer.

Human Resources

Employees Wellbeing

The management continues to educate the 350 crew on health measures and sanitisation, giving them down time to recharge, taking their temperature two times per day, changes the daily food menu, encouraged to take walks around the estate, as the estate is as much a haven for our residents as it is for our employees serving the residents. We have set up helplines for employees who may need to speak to experts on their concerns and separation anxiety with their families. The wellbeing of the employees is of great importance to us.

Housekeeping Team

Hygiene and Sanitation Maintenance

While some residents have opted to suspend the housekeeping services temporarily, there are some who continues to engage the services of our housekeeping teams. Our housekeeping team has maintained a high level of personal hygiene and in compliance with safety measures, don face masks when going about their tasks. Homes and estates are cleaned and sanitised for healthy living.

IT & Engineering

Stable Connectivity & Continuous Power Supply

While the city experienced black-outs, residents living at the estate has enjoyed a consistent power supply thanks to the pre-emptive measures put in by our engineering teams. This also reduced the disruptions of internet or WIFI connectivity as a result of the black-out.


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