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Stay Home, Michelin & I: Transforming dishes, plating like a Pro

Updated: Jun 23, 2020

During the semi lockdown, many of our residents are either delivery or preparing their own meals as opposed to dining at their favourite restaurants here at the estate or in town, with some even wondering when would be the next time they can fly out of Yangon and go to their favourite Michelin fine dining restaurants next. Michelin stars restaurants are rated based on the quality, value of the food, mastery of technique and personality of the chef; with enough practice, we can certainly create our very own Michelin stars worthy dishes.

Here's 30 secrets of Michelin stars secrets we can try at home.

  1. Use fresh ingredients

  2. Buy fruits and vegetables at farmers' market (Try our veggie farm)

  3. Spot the best products from your senses

  4. Get meat from local independent butchers

  5. Grow your own herbs

  6. Store fruits and vegetables correctly

  7. Master the French mother sauces

  8. Experiment with flavours combination

  9. Add butter (you can buy from our Country Store)

  10. Season well

  11. Buy good quality oil (you can order from Metro)

  12. Invest in kitchen kit

  13. Mise en place

  14. Make food from scratch (we have lots of time during semi lockdown)

  15. Stock up on hero ingredients

  16. Marinate everything

  17. Toast nuts and spices

  18. Deglaze pans

  19. Set aside vegetable scraps for stocks

  20. Sear steaks on cast iron to get a crust

  21. Try unusual cuts of meats in slow cooker

  22. Try Sous-vide

  23. Blanch vegetables

  24. Master a quick pickle

  25. Carpaccio more than just meat

  26. Try flambeing

  27. Make melt-in-the-mouth confit

  28. Make a foam

  29. Turn plating into an art

  30. Tidy as you go

However, if you have been ordering delivery and take-out from Oasis Bistro or Horizons Restaurant, the skills to present your family with a Michelin meals lie in plating. Here's some simple plating technique you can use to transform your kitchen into a Michelin star kitchen.

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