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Smart Choices for a Healthy Body and a Healthy Planet

While studies now is unable to prove "UV radiation that is given off from the sun is not strong enough to kill COVID-19" (NBC 2); "Sunlight plays a pivotal role in human health and well-being. Too little Sun impacts our mood and well-being and increases the risk of Vitamin D deficiency" (World Meteorological Organization).

Here's how some residents are creating their own Family Fun Day in the Sun. They are organising day out to the organic Veggie Farm at the estate. If you have not tried, it's time to do so!

Priced at MMK10,000 per box or a maximum of 10kg, the farm is open daily between 4pm-6pm! Be sure to purchase your coupon from the Country Store between 10am-7pm or call 09760112102 for information.

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