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Pun Hlaing April 2020 Newsletter

Updated: Jun 24, 2020

Luxury Lifestyle Redefined

by Win Pa Pa Myo

What's Happening Around the World

Q&A on coronaviruses (COVID-19)

WHO is continuously monitoring and responding to this outbreak. This Q&A will be updated as more is known about COVID-19, how it spreads and how it is affecting people worldwide. For more information, check back regularly on WHO’s coronavirus pages.

What's New & Trending Now at Pun Hlaing Estate

As most of us are practising social distancing, the team at Pun Hlaing. has come up with a myriad of initiatives to keep you busy this month. These activities are engaging and will keep you busy all day long.


Some of you may have joined us during our recent trip to Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam. If you have missed that, fear not, we are going to organise more excursions through our social media channels. Do check in regularly to avoid missing trips to world class museums. Or if you prefer to plan your own itinerary, follow this link.

Performing Arts Festival 10-16 April 2020

The Pun Hlaing Estate Performing Arts Festival is a 7-day event dedicated to celebrating the grandeur of performing arts, create a literary and artistic legacy for future generations and to engage in a conversation about theatre and the world. Discover more here.

#Stayathome Zumba Challenge with Jackie

Jackie our community ambassador has kindly put together a series of challenge we can do from home after working hours. From Zumba challenge for the family to Zumba challenge from the 80s. Join her for a great workout and laugh. Follow the YouTube Channels here.

Virtual Book Club

As Dr. Seuss says, “The more that you read, the more things you will know. The more that you learn, the more places you’ll go.”

The first book our editor pick is The Greatest Teacher in the World. When the student is ready, the teacher will appear. If we’ve been fortunate, there was a teacher in our life who chose to believe in us even when the entire world wouldn’t. They focused on what we could become, instead of who we were. Most importantly, they had an unshakeable belief in our potential for personal greatness and the power of the human spirit. The Greatest Teacher in the World is a testament to their patience and persistence.


Happy Thingyan Festival

April is the month of Myanmar New Year, also known for the famous water festival ‘Thingyan’ that usually occurs in mid of the month. Apart from its massive water throwing and parties, the actual essence of ‘Thingyan’ signifies the cleansing of one’s sins and a fresh start towards a brand new year. It is a time of reflection of your past actions; a time to count your blessings and be grateful to your family, friends for their friendship and encouragement.

Immerse Yourself in Six Senses this Myanmar New Year

Let us welcome the New Year of Myanmar with six senses to restore and refresh our emotional and physical wellbeing.

Nature & Living

Contacting with nature has been shown to improve psychological health by reducing stress, enhancing mood and replenishing mental fatigue. While we continue to advise social distancing due to increased concerns of worldwide outbreak Covid-19, we encourage our Pun Hlaing residents to take advantage and create quality time at our spacious 652 acres lush green golf estate and facilities.

Green exercises such as morning walk and cycling is highly recommended if you like to stay in shape, improve feelings of well-being and happiness. Even looking at green space can decrease the stress-related hormones cortisol and adrenalin.

Feel the Green

Not a fan of outdoor activities? Stream your favourite movies on Netflix or join Pun Hlaing’s Book Club and share your review with us and also recommend us if you have read or are reading a great book you wish to share.



New Project for Sales or Rent

Own or rent your new luxury home at Pun Hlaing Estate? To discover more, call us at +95 9 421 717 676 (sales) or +95 1 3687777 (rent).


The Power of Music

From a happier mindset to more motivation, there’s a host of wonderful reasons to get lost in a good tune:

  • Music relieves anxiety

  • It can put you in a good mood and help you heal

  • Music can be motivating during a workout

  • It can improve your sleep.

  • It’s a major performance enhancer.

  • Music sticks with you.


Pun Hlaing Golf Club


Scent and Sensibility

A good scent has the power to make us feel brand new and optimistic. Ever wanted to make your house to smell like a spa? Here are the things you can do to make your house smell like a spa and luxurious.

Things you need

Oil diffuser, Peppermint essential oil, Lavender essential oil and water.

Things to do

Add the oils to the diffuser, add water to the fill line in the diffuser, turn it on and let the diffuser do its work.

What’s even better is that your house won’t just smell amazing but the two essential oils in the diffuser will aid many great benefits to the air such as helping you increases alertness, relieves anxiety, calm stress and tension.

Taste and Show

Eating a healthy diet that contains the nutrients you need is the best way to support your immunity. Prepare your everyday meals around these healthy foods and vitamins that consists of adequate protein, fibre, vitamins and minerals will help support your body’s immune system.

Food to help strengthen your immune system
  • Probiotic-rich foods include yogurt, kefir, kombucha, miso, and sauerkraut

  • Protein from lean animal sources, chickpeas, beans, lentils, and peas.

  • Zinc meat, shellfish, and legumes

  • Water is of the utmost importance, whether you are trying to avoid getting sick or already fighting a cold. Drink an extra two cups of water plus your daily minimum to fuel regeneration of immune-fighting lymphatic cells to get your body feeling stronger.

  • Soups and Stews such as chicken soup will provide immune-boosting amino acids and minerals which can feel soothing, while the heat helps open up congestion.

Vitamins to boost your immune system

  • Vitamin C oranges and grapefruit, red bell peppers and strawberries.

  • Vitamin A sweet potatoes, broccoli, red bell peppers, and carrots.

  • Vitamin E almonds, hazelnuts, and peanut butter, spinach and broccoli


Shop online

Get your grocery list ready as Metro is now providing a door-to-door delivery service, exclusively to our residents starting from Friday 27 March 2020. To register, click here.


Takeaway and home delivery

Order our popular Asian and Western dishes for takeaway and home delivery services within the Estate from the Oasis Bistro kitchen (9am to 8:30pm) by calling Ext 1522, 01 3687768 or 09407496700. For takeaway, collect directly from the Oasis Bistro kitchen service window. For menu, click here.


Play Together, Stay Together

The best of the stay at home days are family bonding times and doing things together that are inspiring and enriching for kids and everyone in the family.

With the growth of video and mobile games continually increasing over the years, it might seem like you’re getting further away from their interests.

However, the latest Nintendo’s ingenious combination of video game and construction kit ‘Nintendo Labo’ is becoming one of the most interesting family games around. This game will create a lot of fun time with your kids putting the cardboard pieces together, as well as enjoying the actual games that go along with the completed sets.

And let’s not forget about our offline gaming friends like Monopoly, Candy Land, and Chutes and Ladders! Board games are the ultimate traditional stuck indoors go-to, and have stood the test of time. For a new twist, try a gateway game like Catan Junior which is fun to play and challenging for both kids and adults.

For active families looking for a way to spend more quality time together, walking or jogging is an activity that every member of your family can get excited about. It's engaging, easy to get started, and it can keep your family moving for hours.



The current worldwide pandemic has resulted in many of us feeling more overwhelmed and anxious than before. With quarantine being indefinite for the time being now is the best time to start creating good habits to improve our physical and mental well being.

Practicing mindfulness involves breathing methods, guided imagery, and other practices to relax the body and mind and help reduce stress. It will teach you the skill of paying attention to the present by noticing when your mind wanders off. Come back to your breath. It’s a place where we can rest and settle our minds. And while you have good health on the mind, don't forget to wash your hands, get enough sleep to help you stay your healthiest.


Residents Health Advisory

Pun Hlaing Estate will continue to provide best possible service during these unprecedented and uncertain times, while keeping our Residents’ convenience and health in mind.

  • Should you require any assistance we have our contact line at 1461 (from landlines within the Estate) or 09 955400911.

  • Should you require any medical information contact Pun Hlaing Siloam Hospital hotline at 01 3684323.


  • Pun Hlaing Siloam Hospital – 01 368 4323, 09 421042679

  • Yangon Regional Department of Public Health – 09-449001261, 09-794510057

  • Mandalay Regional Department of Public Health – 09-2000344, 09-43099526

  • Central Epidemiology Unit – 067-3431432, 067-3431434, 09-429228991, 09-459149477

  • Public Health Emergency Operation Center – 067- 3420268

  • International SOS Yangon – 01 657922, 09 420114536

  • Official COVID-19 Hotlines – 09756341601, 09756341602

*While some clinic may not be operating temporarily, the hotline(s) is/are still manned.



Having a positive conversations with your teenage child in the context of online learning by Dulwich College Yangon For many parents, talking with your teenager about how their learning at home is going can seem like a difficult and risky proposition. In the video below, Melanie Ellis, Deputy Head of Senior School at Dulwich College (Singapore) shares her expert advice how to not just have the conversation, but to have it be effective for you and your child. Watch the video for tips on looking for the invite from teenagers to discuss the topic, and the strategies you can use to lead your child to the resources they need to tackle any problems they’re having.

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