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E-excursion to world famous museums with Phyo Ei Khine (Part-1)

Updated: Jun 24, 2020

Do you get restless staying at home after working hours and on weekends?

Well, you can always join Pun Hlaing Estate’s e-excursion to famous and prestigious museums around the world when border crossing is physically challenging.

Google Arts and Culture has graciously feature over 1,000 collections of magnificent arts and museums around the world during pandemic period. Thanks to digital transformation in recent years , you can explore the world from our couch in your living room. You do not have to spend money from your credit card and still enjoying quality time with yourself or your family members (remember to socially distance from each other on the couch however!).

The Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York, United States

The Met displays over 5,000 years art collections, different eras of valuable artworks and antique sculptures. If you are interested in designer brand, you can inspire online exhibition of historical fashion icons of Coco Chanel, Christian Dior, Elsa Schiaparelli and Charles James. You can watch and listen to the historic performances played on the musical instruments. You can also enjoy some historical poems for online exhibition exclusively.

To kick start your tour, view: https://bit.ly/2Jp8nlP

Altes Museum, Berlin, Germany

Altes Museum was the first museum in Berlin and located in the heart of museum island. Since it is one of the most important architectures of Neoclassical era. The Rotunda crowned with classical antiquities is famous as Gods and Heavenly Bodies. You can see the face of the past of Gods, Heroes and Rulers of ancient Greek via online exhibition. You can deep dive into vase paintings, ancient bronze vessels, some bells and charms of the Romans for the symbol of fertility and fortune par excellence, limestone art craft and clay statuettes.

To explore more: https://shorturl.at/jBFR8

Musée d’Orsay, Paris, France

If you would like to explore the paintings, you should not miss this museum tour. You would amaze Vincent van Gogh’s self-portrait, identical painting on the theme of his bedroom, other portraits by Van Gogh and many artistic paintings by talented artists. It exhibits distinct collection of arts from oil paints, canvas, modern art, to impressionism and post-impressionism.

To look closer: https://shorturl.at/yHS09

Acropolis Museum, Athina, Greece

This museum is best for people who are interested in the history of Athenian Acropolis. It exhibits the story of life on the Rock from prehistoric times until the end of Antiquity. The museum displays various splendid collections of rock, marble, sculpture and limestone work.

To seek more: https://bit.ly/2WXDPzA