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Celebrate World Environment Day at Pun Hlaing Estate

It's never too late to get awareness on the importance of protecting our environment and finding ways to help. World Environment Day (WED) is a great time to start taking action and putting effort to create a healthier environment for current and future generations to come. We have some ideas on how you can make an impact locally on World Environment Day.

Cook an Environmentally Friendly Meal

The food choices we make have a significant impact on our carbon ‘footprint’. To cook an environmentally friendly meal, sit down together with your loved ones and come up with a meal you all love. Do some research and decide on a menu which is both appetizing and friendly to the environment. Make a list of all the ingredients that are included in the meal. To minimize transportation impacts on the environment, you can head to our Country Store and Veggie Garden where fresh, seasonal and grown locally veggies are available.

Veggie Garden Opening Hours : Monday to Saturday (8:00 AM to 4:00 PM).

Call 09795200527 for more information.

Have A Car Free Day

According to the Environmental Protection Agency, an average car releases approximately 4.6 metric tons of carbon dioxide every year. Start by picking a destination for your eco-friendly adventure. Map out the route within the estate and figure out a way you can travel without using your car. You can go and explore the jetty, community garden or “Kasar” island with your children where you can connect with the environment – breathing in fresh air, a wonderful way to spend some quality time together. Put on your “Sherlock Holmes” hat to try to track down bugs and insects or identify plants and trees.

Donate Your Clothes

Donating your used clothing can help people those are in disaster-stricken areas. It can not only be helpful to those in need but also allowing us to reduce our carbon footprint. By donating your used clothing means you are contributing to the circular economy where manufactured things are used for as long as possible, then recycled. The circular economy is a major step to sustainability where things are not easily wasted and used to its maximum potential.

Reduce Indoor Air Pollution

Air pollution can not only be found outside, it can also be introduced into the air of your own home in a number of ways including dust and dander, fumes and odors from household cleaners, improper ventilation and more. Team up your family and spend the day to minimize indoor air pollution. Learn variety of ways on how you can reduce indoor air pollution here. You can reach to our customer service team at 09955400911 if you need help with cleaning your house. Our maintenance and housekeeping team are ready to assist you.


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