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Birds Watching Staycation Retreats

Updated: Jun 23, 2020

Looking for an environmentally friendly hobby that will get you outdoors? Try bird watching. You don’t need to be super fit or do a lot of research and training to get started. Bird watching is a flexible past time, it connects us with nature, get us outdoors and most importantly it promotes habitat conservation.

Stunning birds always turn up in places of paradise such as the urban forest at Pun Hlaing golf estate. Our birds watching staycation retreats are flexible; you can plan your itinerary the ways you like it. There is no fixed schedule to follow, you can discover the exotic wildlife at your own pace. There will be sufficient time to wander around the estate allowing you more time for amazing photography.

Contact our specialists at +95 1 3687777 or rentals@yomaland.comto create your own Birds Watching Staycation Retreats.

To know more about what you treasures you can discover at the estate, join our Going Wild host Jon Skipper on his birds watching blogs.


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